If you decided to sell over the Internet you should find the way to process payments through the website. PayTechnique offers a wide-range of advanced management solutions giving your website the possibility to process payments efficiently and securely.

Using innovative technologies in E-Commerce area, PayTechnique provides comprehensive and competitive online management solutions including billing and access management services, reliable fraud protection solutions and 24/7 client support.



  • Accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and JCB
  • Virtual Box Office including Billing and Access Management services.
  • Subscription Management (cost FREE)
  • Consumer support for billing issues (cost FREE)
  • Merchant interface for account management (cost FREE)
  • 24/7 support for merchants and consumers
  • No setup fee

Integrated Fraud-preventing tools (without any additional charges)

PayTechnique establishes cooperation and provides services for different types of business, including businesses of a HIGH-RISK nature. If you want to get more information please contact us submitting the consumer support form


Customer services

PayTechnique is also created for customers looking for a fast, safe and convenient way to purchase access to online venues. PayTechnique has been a reliable E-Merchant since 1998, processing millions of online transactions each year and gaining the reputation of leader in the industry.

If you find a transaction on your billing statement that refers to, you have purchased a subscription from a web site that uses PayTechnique for its billing services.

Review PayTechnique’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.