For Global Merchants:

  • Supported Cards: Visa / MasterCard
  • Setup Fee: 0
  • Integration Fees: 0
  • Per Transaction Fees: 5% — 11% Per Transaction (Based on Industry / Volumes)
  • Withdrawal Charges: 0
  • Technical Support: Lifetime FREE
  • Application Processing Time: 2 Weeks


Other Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Chargeback Fees: USD 25 / Chargeback


Customer services

PayTechnique is also created for customers looking for a fast, safe and convenient way to purchase access to online venues. PayTechnique has been a reliable E-Merchant since 1998, processing millions of online transactions each year and gaining the reputation of leader in the industry.

If you find a transaction on your billing statement that refers to, you have purchased a subscription from a web site that uses PayTechnique for its billing services.

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